A work in progress 

Ollie has been hard at work on the Ribble this week. No T.V for him, he’s far happier tinkering! I now have a new Derailleur, cassette, tyres, saddle and handlebars. Sadly no chain though, as the one I purchased has turned out to be too short by seven links. Frustrating! 

Apart from the chain (pretty vital) there’s just the pedals, bottle cages and pump to fit and then I may actually be able to have a go on it! 

I have been busy, selling the spares, from the comfort of the sofa.  So far I have managed to sell the Derailleur and the tyres. The cassette and saddle have proven less popular and I have been slacking tonight so the handle bars haven’t yet been advertised. The power of Facebook means that people in various cycling groups have benefited from purchasing lovely, brand new components, and I have managed to get some of my money back, without having to pay a sellers fee to EBay. Win win. 

And in the time I took to write this post…

Spot the difference.