Alteration of the week – Oxygen Hoods

Before and After shot of Oxygen masks

Before and After shot of Oxygen Hood

Demo of Oxygen Mask

Demo of Oxygen Hood


The pictures above illustrate some of the work that Dressability staff are doing for their youngest customers. They show Oxygen Hoods, which have been adapted to enable children to use them. Younger or smaller children can wear them down to their waist, while older children can use them as intended, as a hood.

From new, the opening on them was proving to be too tight to manoeuvre over the head. Dressability replaced the plastic with a Rip-stop nylon fabric and made an adjustable, elastic and toggle, fastening to ensure that the hoods are as airtight as possible.


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Alteration of the week

I wanted to share Dressability’s Facebook post from earlier today, as it shows some of the good work that they’ve been doing.

These trousers have had the zip removed and replaced with Velcro, a magnetic button replaces the existing button to give independence to a cerebral palsy client. As his weight is variable we have inserted buttonhole elastic for a better fit.

These trousers have had the zip removed and replaced with Velcro, a magnetic button replaces the existing button to give independence to a cerebral palsy client. As his weight is variable we have inserted buttonhole elastic for a better fit.

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Nutritional discoveries

Sorry for the delay in writing about Thursday’s time trial; sadly I was slower this week but on a positive note I was still faster than my first attempt and I still beat a man 🙂 Results: 29 May TT ResultsI think my legs were fatigued from Tuesday’s club ride.

Well done to number 2, who got a time of 22.22 – not only v fast but pretty cool!

Thanks to everyone who came to watch 🙂

No cycling this weekend, as I was being spoilt in London and treated to a roast dinner 🙂

Yummy Roast Dinner

Sammy and I have a ride planned for tomorrow night though (congrats to her on completing the Night ride through London on Saturday), Time trials on Thurs and then a ride to Amberley and back next weekend.

While in London I came across these…

New trg snacks

New trg snacks

… they are going to make all the difference to my training! No more being sick after the ride.


Maybe during instead.


Only one more weekend between me and 90 miles: Cotswolds Ride It!



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Happy Birthday Mum and Thank You Liz

I must start this post with thanks to the Queen for the free day off yesterday, very kind. Take note Princes Charles, William and George…us Civil Servants are incredibly grateful for an extra day off.

Sadly, the girls wimped out of the SRC development ride on Tuesday evening due to the stormy weather, and having not yet done any group riding I wasn’t confident to go alone, plus I am going through a lazy patch. After two long work days in London, on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was my first chance to get out on the bike for a decent ride, however the weather was being less than understanding. I spent the day doing house work, a massive food shop etc… and then my Mum and Dad visited (a visit which incorporated some sprint training when I realised I had no milk for their tea) – Happy Birthday Mum 🙂

Dad and I changed my back tyre,  in the lounge-cum-garage and I set up my bike on the turbo (I thought I was done with that for the summer). So my ‘long-ride’ yesterday turned out to be a 40 minute TT training session on the turbo. I hope Monday is nicer.


Off to the circus now, far as I know I am not one of the acts.


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Paint balling without the armour…

A week off. (Well of cycling anyway). I hope people haven’t given up on me ever writing again.  Not laziness I assure you – just a mix of getting over the Welsh trip, a horrendous essay deadline looming and gale force winds not looking particularly enticing. Although apparently Sunday was a…

..QOM day – Ride out to Brinkworth somewhere, you’ll get load of them when you turn around to come home.

I didn’t go out – a mere breeze in the trees puts me off! However a chat on our girls “Cycling Stuff” Facebook group message, this afternoon, ended up in Sammy and I arranging a thirty-miler for after work.  This was before we looked at the weather forecast, which we then promptly ignored. Although I did wear a ridiculous outfit just in case of rain… a mountain bikers waterproof jacket, shorts and overshoes is a slightly strange combination but I was glad of it!    As we left Hannington, down the big hill it started to hail for the second time but this time the hail stones were mutant and to quote Sammy…

 I believe we screamed like banshees – I have welts all over my body!

She isn’t exaggerating. If you’ve ever been paint balling – imagine it, all over, but without the body armour. So, after a few minutes of screaming, we got off of our bikes and both curled up into balls at the side of the road – faces and legs hidden from further bruising! Goodness knows what the cars that came past thought we were doing. As soon as it stopped – we got back on and cycled back up the big hill and home!   The thirty-miler can wait.    I hope to make the Time Trial this week, although I hope to avoid this nutter...Help police catch this driver “before someone is killed” but this week is mainly about finishing my essay which is due in at the weekend. Followed by one extremely busy week at work and then RELAX!   Finally, the high point of today was receiving my SRC Membership card! Now just for ordering their – not so stylish- kit and I might start to look like I know what I am doing…ish.

SRC Membership Card arrived - exciting!

SRC Membership Card arrived – exciting!

I’m still deciding whether to enter the GW Sportive on Sunday; dependent on essay and weather I think!   Laura x

Some stitch ability

The results for the Time Trial came through:  TT Results and I beat two boys – happy with that! 🙂 I also made it into my Uncle’s blog (25 April). I’ve not been on my bike since, which is neither a reflection on the time trial or on my energy levels – I have just gotten used to sunshine so rain just doesn’t seem appealing anymore. I suppose I could go on the turbo but I have plenty of excuses as to why that’s a bad plan.

In the absence of any real cycling news I thought I would add some pictures of clothes which have been altered by Dressability…before I head off to roll my muscles and drink milk (eurgh!) How life has changed! I thought cycling would be cheaper and less time consuming than horse riding – how wrong was I!? I may as well be a share holder in Wiggle and I spend all my time rolling muscles and eating stuff I don’t even like in the hope of going a few more miles…

L x


 Some of Dressability’s amazing work

Getting serious.

The countdown from 113 to 106 days to go, came in the form of a pretty demanding week. Isn’t it always the case that a week which is shortened by a Bank Holiday seems like such a struggle to get through!? Another week of juggling work and a Masters, when all I really want to do is go out on my bike. Trying to do all three with equal amounts of enthusiasm and commitment leaves little time for sleep! Talking of which, why is it that I can fall asleep: on the sofa, in lectures, at my desk, on the train…yet when I get in my bed it just doesn’t happen?!!?


So, the inconvenience of working meant a trip to London on Wednesday and thus an early morning, busy day and late return – cue arthritic joint pain, inflamed tonsils and a desire to curl up in a ball…and so it was with trepidation that I worked my way through Thursday, wondering what 1845 would bring….

Earlier in the week my new cycling friend, Sammy sent me a message asking if I would like to join the ladies at the SRC and CCC Time Trials on Thursday evening. Keen to meet some more women cyclists and to reunite with my poor, neglected bicycle I jumped at the opportunity and thought nothing more of it.

Then while making conversation over a family meal I happened to mention that I was going to be going along to the Time Trial event. My uncle, visiting from Portsmouth, jumped at this news and immediately invited himself along to watch. Since he doesn’t have a car, this automatically meant my Mum and Dad would also be stood at the side of the road trying to get a glimpse of me huffing and puffing past them.

As the week progressed, this enthusiasm to watch, a good luck e-mail from my Grandparents and various comments such as ‘are you on drugs?’ made me wonder what on earth I had let myself in for.

… Thursday at 1800 I collected Sammy and we headed out to Ashton Keynes – I told her how my week had developed and she also wondered what on earth we were heading in to! The answer to which, became clearer as we pulled into the village hall grounds which were occupied by an army of streamlined, super competitive males.

Not to be so easily discouraged we donned our vented (holey), none aerodynamic and frankly ugly helmets and headed to the start, where we were released numerically at 1 minute intervals. It was great fun, and whizzed by! I managed the 10 mile course in 32.42, which is according to Strava 10.1 MPH slower and 11:35 minutes behind the  King of the Mountain(KOM), but puts me in 19th out of 31 placed ladies.

I wonder what my time will be in 106 days !

Here’s some pictures to end this weeks post:

IMG-20140424-WA000124 Apr TT124 Apr TT24 Apr TT Results

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