The little one had his birthday in March, and we celebrated it by taking him out on a bike ride in his trailer (which was an early birthday present).

We treated him to a bike ride to a farm cafe 9 miles away, had lunch and cycled back. It started off sunny, but by the time we’d eaten it was chucking it down. It’s been a while since I’ve been soaked through to the skin on a bike ride, because I am very much a fair weather rider nowadays, and I can’t say I’ve missed it! I dragged his there and Ollie dragged his back into a headwind!

We’ve had a few of these family rides, where one pulls there and the other back, and finally last week I was brave enough to take him out in the trailer on my own. Although I did have a safety net because my Mum and Dad were at my house, so if anything had gone wrong they would have come to our rescue.

It was wonderful! A lovely sunny day, I did some hills and then finished with the big hill into the village which almost did me in!! And the rest of the day to eat guilt-free chocolate!

The boy slept for pretty much the whole ride. I am imagining every nap time to be like this through the summer. 😀☀

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