British Cycling Ride leader

A few weeks ago I applied, and was accepted, to attend the British Cycling Ride Leader level 1 course. Passing the course will allow me to lead my own Breeze rides (once I’ve been on a first aid course, the following week).

Breeze is a British cycling initiative to get more women into cycling. Women volunteers lead free rides in their local area; making cycling more accessible and sociable to encourage more ladies to join in the fun.

When I first started training for London-Surrey 100, in 2014, I went on a Breeze ride lead by Sam in Swindon and that led to me meeting loads of women cyclists and having a great time for several years while I lived in that area.

I’m very excited and just want to get going! I hope there are some local ladies that want to go out on rides (and I hope they don’t mind hills and country-lane traffic because they’re unavoidable around here!)

2 thoughts on “British Cycling Ride leader

  1. That’s so awesome, Laura, sounds like a great program! I want to help more women in my area get into cycling as well, but I need to come up with a solid plan on how to do it.


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