Back in the saddle

Last week and weekend my Grandad, Ollie and Myself got the turbo bike and the Ribble (and Ollie’s summer bike) back into a maintained condition. Working and clean, I was able to go on my first ride last weekend. We live on a long road which goes through several villages, so I rode to each end of our road – 10 miles.  It was brilliant.


Today I went on my second ride, this time a 13 mile loop with some minor hills.


Whilst I was out, I was thinking about the things I missed, the things I hadn’t missed, and how things had changed.


What I missed:

  • My bike
  • The countryside
  • Exploring our new area
  • Wind (!)
  • Hills (!!)
  • Going fast
  • Competition
    • Someone came past me today, and it really made me speed up, despite me not having any chance of catching him up.
  • That tired ‘after exercise’ feeling
    • I’ve been exhausted for two months, but this feels different, and much better.


What I didn’t miss:

  • Cars
  • Drivers
  • Potholes
  • Always forgetting something and having to go back
    •  On my first ride I had to unlock the house and outhouse in order to go back for my helmet. So annoying!


What’s new: 

  • Time Constraints
  • Scar tissue
  • Not fitting into some of my kit
  • A new baseline of pretty much no muscle at all
    • I am almost certainly more unfit now, than when I first started cycling. It was really unclear as to how much weight I put on over the last 11 months; the figure on the scales wasn’t increasing much, and I assume that’s because I was losing muscle. So the scales couldn’t really tell me how much weight I had gained due to the pregnancy. So now, as I gain muscle, I expect to be the heaviest I’ve ever been, alone that is.
  • No cycling partner
    • Ol has to stay at home with the little one
    • We live miles away from everyone else now
    • I wouldn’t be able to keep up with anyone anyway
  • A reason to rush home

The kit which does fit is currently in the laundry in case I get an opportunity to go out again tomorrow.












2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. When Sebastian is a bit older we could come at a weekend and look after him for a couple of hours so that Ollie and you could go out together. Pa


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