Loyal Followers

Yesterday morning, after writing my Spoons post late the previous evening, I turned up at the Grandbeing’s residence and asked for two spoons.., they came back with tyre levers. I think in Twitter-sphere they’d probably write #LoyalFollowers for a situation like that!


Just back off of my second ride of the day. Wasn’t able to go to the house with Ollie today as I was attending my last match as a Swindon Town FC Season Ticket holder, after something like 10 years. It was annoyingly at 1230, so I did a short 15 miler this morning and then my brother made us a route for this afternoon – and its quite sometime since the two of us went out on a ride. It was great. Hot. Hilly.


And in my first week of training (starting on Wednesday) I have clocked up 126.2 miles – so I am happy with that.



Ah, it’s May

Several months ago, Father-Grandbeing suggested that we should start our training for Vatternrundan in May. It didn’t seem enough time, to me, but the year ran away with me – May arrived and I hadn’t really done any training. So taking his advice, I have been trying to get a few more miles in – on the two days that I went to work this week I cycled to (5 miles) and home (15 miles) from work.


Currently anything over 10 miles seems difficult, particularly on my Giant (Winter bike), so when at the 10 (out of 12) mile point this evening Ollie said “Well that’s one eighteenth of Vatternrundan we’ve just done – that’s okay isn’t it”. Noooo, no it isn’t okay, it’s hard and I can’t do it 17 more times in one go!!



Got to sleep – up early for a 30 miler. Looking forward to riding the Ribble on Sunday!




The trouble with transitioning between two houses, is that one bike is always at the other house – and this week that has meant that so are my tyre levers and tubes.


So today we took out the one spare tube we’ve got here and some tea spoons.


Luckily we didn’t have to use them, but I suspect I am going to have to take some with me again tomorrow!