When the weather man gets it wrong

After (fair) comments in the office this week, about the state of my filthy bike, I decided to wash it. A proper wash! Something the chain was rather resistant to at first, having previously been re-lubed on top of the dirty stuff.

It was a lovely morning, and weirdly, I decided to clean my bike BEFORE going out on a ride. The weather was forecast as pretty nice all day, so I thought I would have lunch and go out for a ride this afternoon.

But, when I was about half way through (wheels off), and was filling a bucket with water and bubbles it occurred to me that the bubbles were really rather unruly. There were white bits everywhere. But then, at about the same point that a Robin, looking rather pleased, came to sit with me, I realised it was snowing.


Snow beginning to settle

Snow isn’t the ideal weather for bike washing, but I carried on anyway. Needless to say though, I have ditched the idea of going for a ride this afternoon. I mainly just want to warm up.

Anyone know any bike washers for hire?


(The pictures make the snow look really rather pathetic!)



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