Progress and a special birthday

We completed on our house on Friday, and have since completely wrecked it and ourselves! Today is the first day in a few months where I have felt complete and utter -fall asleep in meetings – exhaustion. And I haven’t even done any training.


Arriving after 9pm in a loud van, trying to reverse into a tight space…ooops sorry new neighbours!

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Finally, I packed the essentials:



BUT, who’s bitthday is it?! Well, according to Facebook, its a year since I collected my Ribble; talking of which…it’s about time it comes down from the winch.



When the weather man gets it wrong

After (fair) comments in the office this week, about the state of my filthy bike, I decided to wash it. A proper wash! Something the chain was rather resistant to at first, having previously been re-lubed on top of the dirty stuff.

It was a lovely morning, and weirdly, I decided to clean my bike BEFORE going out on a ride. The weather was forecast as pretty nice all day, so I thought I would have lunch and go out for a ride this afternoon.

But, when I was about half way through (wheels off), and was filling a bucket with water and bubbles it occurred to me that the bubbles were really rather unruly. There were white bits everywhere. But then, at about the same point that a Robin, looking rather pleased, came to sit with me, I realised it was snowing.


Snow beginning to settle

Snow isn’t the ideal weather for bike washing, but I carried on anyway. Needless to say though, I have ditched the idea of going for a┬áride this afternoon. I mainly just want to warm up.

Anyone know any bike washers for hire?


(The pictures make the snow look really rather pathetic!)