“You’re going to balloon…”

I’ve always been a food fan, and cycling has only enhanced that! For years and years, much before my love of cycling, people have been telling me that when I hit 30 my metabolism will slow down and I will put weight on. 

And so it turns out that the collision of my overtraining with my 30th birthday and indeed a big trip to the U.S. and Canada, may actually cause these people’s theories to have some degree of truth. 
I am not fat, nor is my BMI too high. My body fat is too high for a cyclist, but normal for a woman. However, when I caught a glimpse in the mirror last week, after several weeks of rest (but no change in diet), I was horrified. 
So, this is day four of my ‘diet’, I say ‘diet’ because my friends and family will tell me I don’t need to be on a diet. No, I probably don’t but I do need to eat the calories required and not double the calories required for the amount of effort I am putting into the day. At the moment that’s about 1650 calories according to MYFitnessPal.
I’m doing well at the moment, but it’s hard! Feeling hungry is hard! Resisting snacks is hard, eating less chocolate is hard…! But there is a sense of achievement at the end of the day. 
I would like to state at this point though, that there is absolutely zero chance that I am continuing this endeavour once I am over the pond! 

Taken for a ride

It turns out that the end of the solo season doesn’t mean the end of 2015 cycling all together. Throughout the year we have neglected the tandem; opting to get solo training in instead. So after a week of complete rest it seemed the perfect time to take the tandem out for a spin! It was Ollie’s suggestion and I was under strict instructions to not over do it. It was great fun! We hooted at every road cyclist, much to their dislike!