Moving on.

We are eating our final breakfast in Oggiono before departing on a trip to Bolzano, and a couple of nights in the tents. So internet connection will be limited.

While we’ve been here we haven’t done a great deal of cycling, mainly just sightseeing, though Ollie and I did do 30 miles last night, and more importantly we have managed to get the bike repaired.


Instead of our planned ride up to Madonna del Ghisallo, we drove up there on our way back from Bellagio and it seemed a fitting time to give Chris his surprise (early) birthday present.




We we bought him a charity place in London 100, so he will finally ride it. My revenge…he has to be there at 0500!

And now that secret is out I can admit that I am also doing it, for the second time. So Ollie, Chris and I will all ride, albeit separately due to ability and start times.

Off we go…

next stop Bolzano and then off to the Tour!

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