Lacets de Montvernier 

On arrival at the first campsite we pitched our tents and then headed out on a short, flat 26 mile course which was lovely. When we got back to the village it was about 2100 hours and we needed a hot meal. Sadly, there wasn’t much in the way of restaurants and the one that was open, was either closing or wasn’t keen to invite our dead-fly-ridden bodies into their establishment.

We got back to the campsite and they made us various fast food meals, which was lucky. 

Camping was a slightly improved experience over Yorkshire, but I was still freezing! 

On day two we packed up and headed off on the 5 hour journey to Albertville – our current location. The thing about long car journeys, in a car filled with carby snacks is that you are constantly hungry (read bored), so despite all of our cycling we are all going to come back as heavy or maybe heavier! Not helped by the fact that at lunch time we found an all you can eat buffet and had 3.5 puddings each!!

We finally arrived in Albertville at gone 1700, and had a 70 mile ride planned. We cut this down to just over 40 by driving some of the way. Lucky really, as we got back to the car at 2200 hours!

Anyway the fantastic ride took us up the Lacets de Montvernier and back. 

Lacets de Montvernier


As I looked up at the building placed at the top of the mountain, I said to Chris and Ollie, this is not possible; there is no way I will get up there.
But I did and the views and the experience was fantastic. The view, from one of the early hairpins, of a waterfall coming out of the rocks made me say “wow!” out loud to myself and then at the top, a short walk through some bushes brought us out at the view in the photo above. 


Ollie and I reaching the top


The view was even worthy of Chris’ first ever selfie

Must go…we need to go shopping before our ride today. 

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