Glove Two

Glove Two

Glove Three

Glove Three

Glove Four

Glove Four

Gloves. Not the most interesting topic, but an ongoing problem in my cycling life.

I will begin with explaining that they are not labelled incorrectly, Glove Pair One went to the charity shop, so was unable to partake in my glove line-up.

I don’t know whether I have got weird hands. My fingers are quite long, maybe excessively so, but my hands seem reasonably normal I think. Yet, despite what I judge to be normal hands, I have yet to find a pair of fingerless gloves which I can comfortably wear on a ‘longer than short’ ride. I started with a pair of small black and white Gore gloves (the same type as Glove Two), but they cut off the blood to my fingers and were excessively tight, particularly after I had been out for a while. So I upgraded to the medium pair (pictured), the problem doesn’t really seem to have gone away though. Although the gloves fit me when I first put them on, once I have been out for a while they seem to move up my fingers, become tight and uncomfortable – and then once I take them off I am left with deep indents where they have been restricting the blood.

With our holiday in the Alps in mind, I decided to go for another pair. The Grip-Grab gloves (Glove Three) have many good reviews on the Internet, so I decided to give them a go. On first use I thought that they were much more comfortable. They were loose around the fingers and I thought all would be well. However, on second use, the gloves began to bunch up, the gloves were tighter around my fingers and they made the palm of my hand extremely sore. Ollie bought them off me and has been fine with them and I have been back to using Glove Two.

As you can see from Glove Four, I have not yet had the chance to try out the latest attempt to make my hands happy; I bought this pair on the way home from work today, at Performance Cycles in Poulton, Cirencester. In the shop they seemed super comfy – lets hope the £10 gloves do the job! I’ve only got two weeks to solve this issue!

I wonder whether anyone else has this problem, or whether I just have weird hands.

One thought on “Gloves

  1. I have that problem but not to the same extent. I own a pair of Trek gloves that I now use only for tubing (riding on a tube, towed by a boat on the lake) that felt awesome when I tried them on but made my hands ridiculously numb (not comfortably either). Only pair of gloves that ever did that, but I had a new pair within three rides. Specialized gloves are excellent as are Serfas.


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