The Silent Predator

Some of you will remember Ollie and Chris being referred to as the ‘Silent predator’ by a horse rider…

Well, up here in the North York Moors, the Pheasant silently preys on the unsuspecting cyclist! Quietly sitting in the verges and then jumping out in front of them, and as the North York moors consists solely of hills, this means that the said cyclist is either going rather fast downhill or is slowly, putting every ounce of his or her energy into getting to the summit. Either way, an unexpected pheasant hopping into one’s path, the result is likely to be fairly unpleasant.

That said though…

The Pheasants up here, really are quite stupid, or lazy. If the amount of carcasses and Pheasant shaped marks in the road isn’t enough to go by, you just have to drive up to one and watch it sit and wait until the very very last minute before it bothers to fly away.

Anyway, that’s that.

We had quite an adventure today, but I will post about that when there’s more time.


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