The arrival of spring, and kit contemplation

I compressed my hours this week, which means I was rewarded with a Friday off, so I took the opportunity (before being back at uni next week) to go out on my bike. It was a lovely day too, very windy but the sunshine made up for it. Spring seems to have arrived this weekend; I saw snow drops and lambs and it was warm!

In fact in my choice of kit, I proved that I remain proficiently novice. I briefly considered shorts and knee warmers, but quickly wrote them off. I pondered on long sleeve base layer with summer Jersey but decided that the wind warranted a thermal jacket. So basically my only difference in kit today was one pair of socks and gloves, rather than two. Sealskin mitts on a 10 degree day = sweaty hands! 

Sadly, the roads on my planned route hadn’t received the memo about it being spring and they were horrendously muddy, gritty and in parts unrideable. Eventually I arrived at a cross roads, and rather than considering which direction I needed to go in, I looked at each of the road options. The best looking road, and my first choice turned into mud soon after, so I turned back to the cross roads and tried again, finally finding some civilised roads at the end.

Once I got home I bolstered my novice status by putting my hand through a moving wheel while cleaning my bike. I now have a bruised hand 😞 – I won’t do that again!

Lesson 1: kit selection needs to be scientifically managed 

Lesson 2: route planning should be a highly investigative undertaking , to ensure maximum quality. 

Lesson 3: my hand is not a brake pad.

Night night 

One thought on “The arrival of spring, and kit contemplation

  1. Good lessons, all quite true, especially #’s 1&3. When it starts to warm, I like to go just a little less than would be comfortable at the start. It’s very hard to commit to because I always have that fear of getting cold.

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