Prudential Ride London; a bit of a messy ballot

My posts are like busses; none for ages and then two come at once.

Now here’s the thing. This morning I saw this post on Facebook:


I was really excited, it surely cannot be any worse than last year and to do it in the sunshine and to do the whole course would be fantastic. Just 4 or 5 days to find out.

There seemed to be quite a few comments so I started browsing through them, and quite a few people had been able to access their result already. I clicked on a link, which had kindly been provided by one of the commenters. The link took me to an official page, the one I used to sign up with, which has my name, number, postal address and e-mail address listed. When I clicked on the receipt option I was able to see at the top in yellow that my application was cancelled on 28 January. Disappointment.

It is however, interesting, and slightly puzzling to read through the comments on the Ride London Facebook page; for an event which is into it's third year you would have thought that they would have learnt some lessons. But they don't seem to have done.

Although this link has been posted several times, and at the time of writing just over 80 people have commented that they have received their result in this manner (I am sure many more people, such as my brother and I, have also found out but have not commented), Prudential Ride London are claiming that the link did not come from them.


The chap commenting has an extremely good point; the link is legit. The contractors which Ride London have sub contracted the application process to have allowed the ballot information to be visible on public profiles. Whilst this information hasn’t in the literal sense of the word come from Ride London, it is almost certainly the accurate information. I suspect that their ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’ magazines have go out due to advertising deals, but that doesn’t really explain why, for consecutive years they’ve made the same mistake, or indeed why they are denying it even exists!

Just Ollie to find out if he got allocated a place now, and he will have to wait for the magazine, as he has forgotten his password! If not we have several hotel rooms in London up for grabs! If he does get a place…

Well I guess he’s very lucky.

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