Live blogging

Attempt two at the century.

23 miles in. 0 punctures. 1 snapped gear cable 😦 




I have two confessions to make:

1. It’s National Cycle to work day, but I drove.

2. I am close to breaking Rule #42…


Rule 42

…I have been training for a triathlon. However, just the cycling bit as I will be part of a team. I haven’t gone mad…I won’t be swimming in a lake (unless I am drowning) and I won’t be spending a Sunday morning pounding the pavements of the Cotswolds (unless my bike is missing and I am being chased).

It’s fairly short notice (21st September) and I obviously have the century this weekend to focus on. If that doesn’t finish me off though I need start focusing on speed so I can try and add some value to the team.

I won’t be back on my bike now until Sunday and then we have several Tour of Britain rides next week, so that leaves me with only one opportunity to practice the route again. Talking of Sunday. I really should be asleep!