Squirrels and Caffeine

Over 100 miles you tend to think, and think I did. Mainly about Squirrels and Caffeine.


Throughout my adult life (and now and then through childhood) friends, family and colleagues have tried to encourage me to drink well-known and well-liked caffeine products such as tea and coffee. Although, as proven previously, my ability to stay awake at work (or school) is on the low side of acceptable, none of these caffeine interventions have succeeded (apart from a brief flirtation with Redbull – which just drove me kind of crazy and no one sensible was really endorsing it!). I still stick by my belief that tea tastes disgusting and coffee stinks so much that I doubt I will even get the chance to taste it.


However, I believe caffeine was my secret weapon yesterday.


Never before have I used a caffeine product out on a ride (apart from a brief tester in the week), but yesterday I used the caffeine version of my normal electrolyte tablets and have never felt so energetic!


And so to Squirrels, and a subject my Mum might not like very much. Over the past six months I have become concerned for the survival of the squirrel race. I really do not believe that as a cyclist I am better at distinguishing between a rabbit and a squirrel, than when I am driving my car, yet the amount of squirrels plastered to the roads seems to be at an all time high as far as I can see!


Have Squirrels lost their minds, become stupider, forgotten how to climb trees and jump about in their branches or are they simply suicidal?


Squirrels. Take note: Roads facilitate big, nasty mechanical beasts which will squash you. Trees have nuts. Squirrels like nuts. Take some climbing lessons and stay in the trees. Oh… and stop walking out in front of me when I am riding my bike at 30 mph downhill. Thank you.


Finally, the thought of a Squirrel on caffeine (whilst funny) is also terrifying.

One thought on “Squirrels and Caffeine

  1. Caffeine is amazing – there’s a reason it’s so popular amongst cyclists. It’s been said (in studies) to help the body burn fat more efficiently. This normal process, unaided, hurts. They call it hitting the wall. Caffeine makes it more like hitting a wall in a Buick. Still sucks, but a lot less. 😉

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