Checking in

It’s been thirteen days since I last posted!

I’ve been in a bit of a to blog or not to blog situtation…but I miss it and I’ve still not completed 100 miles.

Since London I’ve not spent all that much time on my bike. 6 days after London Chris, Ollie and I cycled to Bradford on Avon and back, which was an extremely hilly ride, punctuated by a lovely lunch at a riverside cafe. Apart from that I’ve had a few short rides but it’s been wet and I have been suffering from headaches. 

A bank holiday may seem like a perfect opportunity to get some miles in on the bike however the rain today has been very persistent! So I chose to spend it productively by finally cleaning my bike, for the first time since riding it through the floods of London.

Standing in the torrential rain, wearing wellies and a Gortex coat while applying wet lube to my chain it felt very much like winter. It’s August. But sooner or later I am going to have to start to enjoy cycling in the rain again.

Though… I have been considering the merits of buying a cheap, second hand bike to use on my turbo. Changing the tyre each time I want to use it is a chore and the perfect excuse for missing a training session.

Although my training has been limited I have been productive in other ways; I have booked a 100 mile sportive for early September. The sportive which is called the Wiltshire 100 is likely to be much more difficult than the London 100 full course, as the area is extremely hilly. No hurricanes this time please! Also, Chris, Ollie and I have been planning a recce trip to Horsley to find a spot to watch the Tour of Britain from in September…hopefully this ride will take place next weekend. However I was probably at my most productive when I bought my {bullet proof} Gatorskin tyres and fitted them to my bike. Lesson learnt!

So after a relaxing and frankly, lazy three day weekend, the next two weekends should be somewhat more challenging. Horsley next weekend, Wiltshire the following weekend and then a bit of cycling to watch the pro’s bomb past.

Finally, just a quick note of thanks to Liz Mackley and Russell Riggs for their post event publicity which has seen me in the local paper once again and also featuring on the local radio station. Great stuff!

Back to work tomorrow. Off to bed.


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