Tapering is just another word for lazing…

Four days to go and my Latest Publicity has gone live; many thanks to Roger Ogle for publishing it and a mention for David Wray, who I went out on a ride with a few weeks ago, and with whom I share a page. 

I am currently meant to be on a ride, but it was raining and the weather said that it was going to continue to rain, so I decided to change it to tomorrow… it’s now really sunny.

Nerves are really beginning to kick in, not helped by my arthritis really beginning to kick off. Complete exhaustion, even after a full night of sleep, a swollen toe joint and even sore hips have been really worrying me today. On Sunday, I was as exhausted at 15 miles as I was at 94 miles the weekend previously. That would be a disaster if it happened on Sunday. 

So I am lazing around and being cooked for, my friend Nicky is providing ‘joint cream’ and I am hoping for the best. 


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