A pain in the neck



At the weekend, someone asked me about my training plan in these last few weeks leading up to the event. Honestly, I don’t really have one. So, I’ve printed off a training plan and will have a look tomorrow – I suspect the diary is too full to make any routine work, though.

I’m not completely useless though, I have considered the need for a bike service and bike fit, however I can’t organise a bike fit until I have some new shoes. Needless to say, the two new pairs of shoes went back after baking. I am not at all convinced that Bont’s special ‘Resin’ is particularly mould-able at all. That brings the tally to four pairs of returned shoes, and now back to the drawing board. 

Tonight I did 27 miles and within the first two, my neck was hurting and it was a bit depressing at the 20 mile point, when I realised that I would have another 80 miles to do in a few weeks time, yet my neck was ridiculously sore already.  Hence the desperate requirement for a bike fit, in the meantime I have booked a massage for Wednesday, so hopefully that will make a difference.


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