Nervous novice

A quick blog post on the night before my second ever sportive, this one is just under 30 miles longer though. At 90 miles, the mileage tomorrow is slightly more than what we did on our trip to Wales and back. So, understandably I am nervous. I haven’t yet managed to work out what caused the sickness and the weather is much hotter. Tomorrow will be a great test as to how well prepared I am for the August 100 – I suspect I will struggle as very little of my training has been in heat. 

I found this article last night, which I found really interesting. To see the image in a readable form visit the webpage: here

How your body beats the heat from

How your body beats the heat

I have discovered that when you become a cyclist, becoming a nutritionist and physiologist is all part of the package. I’m still learning though, my stomach is just hoping that I am a fast learner.

Apparently one should ‘carbo-load’ before a big event and I’ve certainly taken on a lot of food today! A lovely, big chicken risotto for lunch and then at least two full adult portions of tuna pasta bake this evening. Desserts were of course part of both those meals – Eton Mess this lunch time and a calorific delight of Nutella and ice cream this evening. 


I feel sick before I even start.


Wish me luck! 


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