Our first bike ride; cake, mud and irritating ease.

Another fab weekend – although it could easily have started off being pretty embarrassing as there was serious potential for a repeat of the projectile vomit situation and I was due to meet up with the same two friends as the unfortunate hospital trip! However… I chose being late over embarrassing myself all over again and I had a long lie on the sofa until my stomach felt stronger. 


Saturday I rode to Dame cycling shop – a fairly short ride and then visited my Gran for her birthday – Happy Birthday 🙂 Ollie then made us chocolate brownie – so our ride today was fuelled entirely by cake (and I wasn’t sick, so it’s clearly good for me – plus there’s no chance I would waste good cake). 


After collecting his new bike from Cheltenham, Ollie and I cycled from Cirencester to the Black Horse in Amberley. I have slight ‘new bike envy’, I absolutely love the colours. Time to invest in a summer bike???

Ollie's Felt F95

Ollie’s Felt F95

We were very lucky with the weather, it was lovely and sunny for the first half of the ride, apart from the final 10 minute run-in to the pub. As we rode across Minchinhampton Common it was blowing a gale and tipping it down but we had plenty of time to prepare ourselves (mentally, since we had no rain gear) as we could see the rain from over a mile away. We timed lunch (at 1700..) very well – torrential rain came down as we ate our baguette and cheesy chips, looking out over the Gloucestershire countryside from the Black Horse pub. For a while we began to think that we might have no choice but to venture out into the rain in our shorts and jerseys and cycle the remaining 20 miles home freezing cold, wet and miserable. However, as it happens we were very lucky and patience paid off – after waiting for about an hour the rain ceased and we headed off albeit through flash floods.


We could have easily been confused with a pair of mountain bikers.


Sock line, and it's not a tan!

Sock line, and it’s not a tan!


Annoyingly Ollie appears to be a natural cyclist, he didn’t have any cleat issues (I had my camera ready to catch him falling off) and I struggled to keep up with him. Anyone got a leg stretcher? I am convinced that my legs aren’t long enough.

In attempt to avoid yet another week of late nights blog writing – I am heading off to bed (00:18) but have some interesting stuff to put up later in the week.


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