First club ride

After a weekend of me scoffing cheesecake (story below)…Chris and I had a second attempt at  riding to the windmill. However, no-one had given me the memo which said that Monday’s weather had happened on Sunday…and instead of the nice sunny bank holiday Monday that I had been expecting, it was miserable. After much deliberation about coats, Chris gave me his fold away waterproof (I now have my own on its way from Wiggle – “What?!!? It’s an essential!”) and carried a far bulkier coat for himself – thanks 🙂 After about 10 miles we put them on and that’s where they stayed. Around about the same time, Chris suggested that we stay closer to Swindon and I was most definitely in agreement; we would have had, roughly another 90 minutes of travelling away from home in the rain, which would have meant at least that in order to return. As it happens, I was totally knackered after only 30 miles so staying close to Swindon worked in my favour. The total ride was 40 miles, which we completed in 3 hours and 3 minutes – I really was very slow.  Sorry to Chris for having to put up with me!


So this evening I was positively surprised. There was always a chance that I might meet up with the girls and go out with the Swindon Road Club development ride this evening; although I was running late and had very little motivation to go out in the rain I managed to rush into my flat and get myself and my kit ready to go. Within 10 minutes of leaving Casa Paolo, I was knackered and considering making excuses to escape, but it turned out that I had simply surprised my system and once I was properly warmed up I managed to keep up with the pace of the ride (just about!)

The route and other details can be found at: First SRC Ride – Strava. The differences in my energy levels between yesterday and today were vast.

Ooops – I just fell asleep on the sofa, midway through writing. I think I had better head to bed.




P.S. The Cheese Cake story: To coincide with my Mum visiting and also her birthday, I decided I would make a baked cheesecake, which is her favourite pudding. I found a recipe on the BBC website and thought it would be best to make a practice cheesecake first. My first attempt went very well and I promised slices of it to Ollie and Krystyna. Having had a successful attempt I was confident to make a second cheesecake with relative ease, so I made a start on a second and started to eat the first.


Sadly, the next morning, cheese cake two looked like this…

Cheese cake

Cheesecake Mark Two – a mess.


…and it only got worse, once the tin had been taken away. Thanks to Ollie, who managed to save some of  the first cheesecake, which I was then able to give to Mum. But that left me with ALOT of spare cheesecake to eat over the course of a couple of days.



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