SQL, New SQL, No SQL, Not only SQL….No more SQL!!!!!!!

I think my course has finally driven me totally insane. SQL is, for your information, Standard Query Language – which is something to do with Databases and asking questions of them. NoSQL is a new movement which enables storage and retrieval of Big Data. Why am I telling you this? Because I have spent 6 weeks trying to get my head around it; it being quite possibly the dullest subject in the world and I am a lovely sharing person.

Deadline is tomorrow, and since it’s a nice sunny weekend I decided to have a marathon bash at finishing my 2 assignments yesterday – over 12 hours of solid studying, only stopping for the essentials (ice cream). I think it is pretty much done, but it was 1 am when I decided this so it’s probably best I have another look at it sometime today. So, having free’d up my Sunday, I arranged to meet up with my brother for a 65 miler. I managed the 5…

Turns out a diet of ice cream, and a lifestyle of death by studying does nothing for motivation and energy levels.

So I’m pretty grumpy, it’s sunny and I am indoors writing my blog feeling totally knackered.

On the plus side, I was over a minute faster in the time trial on Thursday!!!  TT Results Though I was the slowest lady 😦 I beat 2 men – but I am not going to enquire as to how old they are!  The conditions were perfect – so I left work at a reasonable time with the intention of being first in the queue… I was 46th, apparently everyone had the same idea. Luckily the Dame girls were there so I prepped with them and warmed up. Actually I wasn’t far off reaching Cirencester as I had so long before my start time.

At the start I was talked into being brave – and I allowed the man to hold me, I clipped in both feet and put all my trust in him! I had visions of me falling straight over sideways cartoon style! But, he was very good at not letting that happen.

During the race I got stitch and I thought my chain had come off (it just dropped to the bottom ring and wasn’t keen to go back on the top), so vital seconds were lost there – and I’ll put those things to blame for me being over taken by one of the girls.

I had a new fan club watching me this week; my Grandparents – who knew lots of the people in race HQ after the event, including the time keeper, to whom my Granddad taught everything he knew. He was also able to get my time for me, so that I didn’t have to hang around…pizza was calling.

I have one more manic week and then will be getting down to some serious training – it hit me this morning that I’ve never trained on a hot day – I don’t think its going to be easy. I’m not brave enough to look at my sponsorship page to see how many days are left!!

L x

Oh and last but not least – my newest follower Sammy needs a mention, because for some reason she thought that grieving for her lost nail extensions was a good enough excuse for not coming to the TT!!!


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