Paint balling without the armour…

A week off. (Well of cycling anyway). I hope people haven’t given up on me ever writing again.  Not laziness I assure you – just a mix of getting over the Welsh trip, a horrendous essay deadline looming and gale force winds not looking particularly enticing. Although apparently Sunday was a…

..QOM day – Ride out to Brinkworth somewhere, you’ll get load of them when you turn around to come home.

I didn’t go out – a mere breeze in the trees puts me off! However a chat on our girls “Cycling Stuff” Facebook group message, this afternoon, ended up in Sammy and I arranging a thirty-miler for after work.  This was before we looked at the weather forecast, which we then promptly ignored. Although I did wear a ridiculous outfit just in case of rain… a mountain bikers waterproof jacket, shorts and overshoes is a slightly strange combination but I was glad of it!    As we left Hannington, down the big hill it started to hail for the second time but this time the hail stones were mutant and to quote Sammy…

 I believe we screamed like banshees – I have welts all over my body!

She isn’t exaggerating. If you’ve ever been paint balling – imagine it, all over, but without the body armour. So, after a few minutes of screaming, we got off of our bikes and both curled up into balls at the side of the road – faces and legs hidden from further bruising! Goodness knows what the cars that came past thought we were doing. As soon as it stopped – we got back on and cycled back up the big hill and home!   The thirty-miler can wait.    I hope to make the Time Trial this week, although I hope to avoid this nutter...Help police catch this driver “before someone is killed” but this week is mainly about finishing my essay which is due in at the weekend. Followed by one extremely busy week at work and then RELAX!   Finally, the high point of today was receiving my SRC Membership card! Now just for ordering their – not so stylish- kit and I might start to look like I know what I am doing…ish.

SRC Membership Card arrived - exciting!

SRC Membership Card arrived – exciting!

I’m still deciding whether to enter the GW Sportive on Sunday; dependent on essay and weather I think!   Laura x

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