A novice cyclist abroad

Yesterday was a bit of a reality check, there is a lot more work to be done before I can confidently cycle 100 miles in a day. Chris and I decided we would cycle to Wales and back this weekend; based on weather conditions and commitments Sunday was chosen as the best day. We set off at 0900, Chris from home and me from a lay-by in Hook – I was not convinced that it would be a good idea to progress from a maximum mileage of 71 Miles to 95 Miles in one go, so parking in the lay-by cut 14 miles from the trip. 


The Welsh Adventure was fairly uneventful apart from two attempted homicides, by a crazy squirrel and a nutter in a classic car. Pit stops were kindly provided by BP, Herb Cameron and the Severn Bridge Motorway services in the form of an unexpected toilet, anything we could possibly want; Easter Egg, Cheese and Crackers, Cereal bars etc… and a toasted sandwich which I saw again later on, respectively.


About 30 miles in, as we were going down an incredibly long and steep hill Chris declared that he thought Wales probably wasn’t so bad and might not bother to come back (the original plan would have seen us attempting to come back the same way). Anyway we made it to Wales and made some subtle changes to the route! Evidence of our arrival…


Bridge in the background

Not much further to go…

On the Welsh side of the bridge

On the Welsh side of the bridge


At 65 miles we decided to chase down a cyclist we could see in the distance, but sadly he turned off before we were able to catch him. While a mistake in Malmesbury meant that we had to do an extra hill and the ride from Malmesbury back to Hook was at an exhausted limp. Arriving back at the lay-by with just enough time to get me home for a five minute shower before visiting my friend in hospital.


At which point this novice cyclist became the worse hospital visitor in history! As soon as I arrived I had to sit down, before I fell down. Within 15 minutes my temperature went through the roof, I was sweating and my vision went blurred, then a couple of minutes later my lunch launched itself back into the world. 


Embarrassing! And only went to prove right, all of my friends who were telling me that I was crazy.My brother’s response to this:

Ha! Must be doing something right then. Laura Trott is often sick after riding her bike.


There’s some more work to be done before August – that’s for sure. 


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