Some stitch ability

The results for the Time Trial came through:  TT Results and I beat two boys – happy with that! 🙂 I also made it into my Uncle’s blog (25 April). I’ve not been on my bike since, which is neither a reflection on the time trial or on my energy levels – I have just gotten used to sunshine so rain just doesn’t seem appealing anymore. I suppose I could go on the turbo but I have plenty of excuses as to why that’s a bad plan.

In the absence of any real cycling news I thought I would add some pictures of clothes which have been altered by Dressability…before I head off to roll my muscles and drink milk (eurgh!) How life has changed! I thought cycling would be cheaper and less time consuming than horse riding – how wrong was I!? I may as well be a share holder in Wiggle and I spend all my time rolling muscles and eating stuff I don’t even like in the hope of going a few more miles…

L x


 Some of Dressability’s amazing work

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