113 days to go, 29 more miles to crack.

I thought it might be interesting to write about my journey from 33 miles to 103 miles…


Sometime last year my little brother told me that he had entered me into London 100, because he wanted my place. As it happens you can’t ride as someone else and I got a place. It’s true I could have said “No thanks” but what an absolute privilege and opportunity to be able to ride through the streets of London while the roads are closed. And to sprint along the Mall at the end!


So I paid my entry fee and set about cycle training. In the past I haven’t been particularly in to fitness, the odd phase of going to the gym, or ‘playing tennis’ so not only did I need to learn about cycling but I also had a base fitness to build.  It’s two months since I was accepted and paid, at which point my longest ride was around 33 miles. I couldn’t imagine ever being able to ride 100 miles in one day – Chris would do 60 odd in a ride and I was awestruck – how can anyone do that?


Today I did 71 (the one is important!) 71 Mile Ride



I got home and didn’t move off the lounge floor for at least half an hour…


Yesterday I set up my sponsorship page and I am already at £100 (thank you!) Laura Kate’s Sponsorship Page


So I anyway I plan on keeping those of you that are interested and those of you who have sponsored me updated on my progress…



And not to forget my amazing charity


 Dressability Logo









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